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Re: [STUMP] Floating groups resize right-click pointer relocation issue

From: Johnny
Subject: Re: [STUMP] Floating groups resize right-click pointer relocation issue
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2012 22:47:54 +0100
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Pedro Silva <address@hidden> writes:

> Johnny <address@hidden> writes:
>> Hi,
>> I updated my stumpwm some time ago and have noticed that when resizing a
>> floating group window these days by right clicking on the upper border
>> of the window, the mouse pointer is relocated to the lower right hand
>> corner. I preferred the old behaviour where the mouse pointer was not
>> relocated, is there some way to restore this?
>> Stumpwm version is 0.9.7-80.
>> Thanks!
> That change appears to be in commit
> 486f742129bb0edfdf1ed20e369fb1a45385daab:
> +      ;; When resizing warp pointer to left-right corner
> +      (multiple-value-bind (relx rely same-screen-p child state-mask)
> +          (xlib:query-pointer (window-parent window))
> +        (declare (ignore relx rely same-screen-p child))
> +        (when (find :button-3 (xlib:make-state-keys state-mask))
> +          (xlib:warp-pointer (window-parent window) initial-width 
> initial-height)))
> Hope this helps.

Sort of. Is there a way to have the latest version, and undo this commit
only (details appreciated...)?

But what's the point of this functionality? Do not most users want to
keep the mouse pointer where navigated to and not having it displaced by


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