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Re: [STUMP] Strange keyboard layouts and Stumpwm

From: Shawn Betts
Subject: Re: [STUMP] Strange keyboard layouts and Stumpwm
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2010 09:29:32 -0700

> Another thing is disturbing me: Does StumpWM use the xkb extension, if
> not there might be a problem with the xkb-version of neo, but why does
> the xmodmap-version not work? Now ! should be on mode_switch+k, where
> xev and emacs can find it, but C-t + <caps>-k doesn't work as expected.

Stumpwm doesn't use xkb. afaik there's no xkb extension available for
lisp. xkb is huge and complicated so reimplementing it in stumpwm
really isn't a good use of resources. But in this case, it should be
just a matter of figuring out how xkb interprets the keys and doing
the same thing.

I think the long term solution is to implement the xkb extension in
clx and use that. No idea how involved that is.

> I'm not an expert in this field and I have trouble finding documentation
> for xkb and xmodmap, so I don't know how I can help.

Neither am I, unfortunately, and X documentation is...confusing.


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