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From: Michael Raskin
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 12:36:02 +0400
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Shawn wrote:
>> I never got any reaction beyond "Oh, they got forgotten" when I
>> reminded about these patches, so I send them once more...
> I'm sorry.
That's OK.

>> Subject: [PATCH] Adding redisplay functionality from ratpoison 
>> (refresh+occupy entire frame) and refresh command (just resize a step down 
>> and a step up to make application repaint its window). Binding from 
>> ratpoison: l is redisplay. 
> We talked about the redisplay/refresh patch on irc. The problem is
> that the maximize function depends on the current size for windows
> with resize increment hints. So changing the window size and calling
> maximize causes emacs windows (this is the window I noticed the
> problem on) to be set to incorrect sizes.
> I like the idea. So if you can fix that, I have no problem adding it
> to stumpwm.

The problem seems to be the following: for windows like QEmu nothing can
be done anyway; xterms are already set to wrong sizes by simple frame
splitting. So having some corner case incompatile redisplay
functionality seems better than nothing - there are many windows that
make it useful and a few which get minor glitches.

> Applied! 

>> Subject: [PATCH] Added possibility to add arbitrary prefix to commands in 
>> stumpish (the suggested use is adding eval to get a StumpWM Common Lisp REPL)
> There has to be a better way to do this. How about a dedicated REPL
> loop that you can use with stumpish --repl?

I answer it after next block.

>> Subject: [PATCH] Added possiility not to use ncurses for colouring.
>> +if [ -n "$NO_NCURSES" ]; then
>> +    tput () { : ; };
>> +fi;
>> +
> Is $NO_NCURSES a standard environment variable? When I run stumpish
> from emacs' shell I don't get any color escape codes. So I'm having
> trouble seeing where this is useful.

You get no rlwrap neither. TERM=dumb is not a sure way to go.

I would like to just rewrite all that parameter handling to something
nicer. Afterwards both patches can be made much cleaner. Do you have

>> Subject: [PATCH] Added commands to save/load placement information using 
>> window properties. Good when restarting stumpwm..
> This is a great idea, but not a very good implementation of it. It
> requires the user to manually add group & frame properties to windows
> when it should be automatic.
> Also, the group is already stored as a _NET_* property (is it
> _NET_DESKTOP or something?) so you don't need to set that.

Well, automatic save is good unless you do something that confuses it.
It works, but not for me, because I recreate a few window groups in
configuration (so hints are lost). Also I sometimes (rarely) want to
test something with frame splitting or to pull a few windows in a
temporary group, and then restore original placement. Restoring frame
layout is usually quick and easy, but checking that all windows are on
their places sometimes takes time.

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