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[Speechd] Speechd-el questions

From: Nolan Darilek
Subject: [Speechd] Speechd-el questions
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2019 14:45:35 -0600
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Hey, I hope this is the list to which I can post speechd-el questions.

I haven't used Emacs in a couple decades and am trying to get back into it with speechd-el. I'm reading and absorbing lots, but have some questions:

1. How do I set default speech parameters? I see I'm supposed to set the speechd-voices variable for the nil voice, but I just can't get the syntax right. I'd like to set the default rate to 100 and the language to "en-US". What should I set?

2. It's a bit odd/inconsistent that I can use speechd-set-rate and set a default rate for everything, but speechd-set-language seems to only set the language in some circumstances. Text I type seems to be spoken in my chosen language, but some messages from Emacs are still spoken in the language that was used when Emacs launched. In my case, typed/read text is spoken with en-US while Emacs messages are British English. Is this a bug?

3. I've got some odd issue where, when editing my .emacs file, the documentation for a function/variable under point is spoken while the characters themselves aren't. So for instance if I type `(setq ` in a Lisp buffer and arrow over that, I hear the setq docs, not the characters themselves. Is there a fix for this? As of now I'm editing my .emacs elsewhere or using fundamental-mode because it's impossible to edit in lisp-mode.

4. I'd like to use Emacs for development, and as such, spoken indentation levels are important. Is this something supported by faces, or is it possible to get Speechd-el to present indentation levels somehow? I know Emacspeak used to do this and may still, just wondering if I can make Speechd-el do it too.

Thanks for any help.

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