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Re: [Speechd] Speechd-el questions

From: Nolan Darilek
Subject: Re: [Speechd] Speechd-el questions
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2019 07:13:28 -0600
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Perfect, thanks, the quote call was the bit I was missing.

On 3/4/19 5:54 AM, Peter Vágner wrote:

For setting up the default voice you can alter the speechd-voices variable.
I don't know enough elisp syntaks to come up with proposed changes my-self, however I have used M-x customize-group <ret> speechd <ret>
and customized my default voice to sk there.
This is what I've got...

      (name . "male1")
      (rate . 80)
      (pitch . 0)
      (volume . 100)
      (language . "sk"))))

This is the default voice and it applies to all content.
Content meaning all the textual data in the editor where you have no language set (the default).
Default emacs prompts are most likelly coming from emacs localization thus those strings already carry some information about its language. And speechd-el is applying such a language voice when passing these strings to speech-dispatcher for TTS.
Perhaps there is a way to override this somehow forcing the default voice everywhere but I like it the way it's currently working thus I haven't looked into it.

For changing voice and rate on the fly there are C-e d l and C-e d r key bindings or for rate even C-e 1 (slowest) to C-e 9 (fastest) presets.

Unfortunatelly I can't answer your other questions.



ne 3. 3. 2019 o 21:46 Nolan Darilek <address@hidden> napísal(a):
Hey, I hope this is the list to which I can post speechd-el questions.

I haven't used Emacs in a couple decades and am trying to get back into
it with speechd-el. I'm reading and absorbing lots, but have some questions:

1. How do I set default speech parameters? I see I'm supposed to set the
speechd-voices variable for the nil voice, but I just can't get the
syntax right. I'd like to set the default rate to 100 and the language
to "en-US". What should I set?

2. It's a bit odd/inconsistent that I can use speechd-set-rate and set a
default rate for everything, but speechd-set-language seems to only set
the language in some circumstances. Text I type seems to be spoken in my
chosen language, but some messages from Emacs are still spoken in the
language that was used when Emacs launched. In my case, typed/read text
is spoken with en-US while Emacs messages are British English. Is this a

3. I've got some odd issue where, when editing my .emacs file, the
documentation for a function/variable under point is spoken while the
characters themselves aren't. So for instance if I type `(setq ` in a
Lisp buffer and arrow over that, I hear the setq docs, not the
characters themselves. Is there a fix for this? As of now I'm editing my
.emacs elsewhere or using fundamental-mode because it's impossible to
edit in lisp-mode.

4. I'd like to use Emacs for development, and as such, spoken
indentation levels are important. Is this something supported by faces,
or is it possible to get Speechd-el to present indentation levels
somehow? I know Emacspeak used to do this and may still, just wondering
if I can make Speechd-el do it too.

Thanks for any help.

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