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Samizdat 0.5.0 Progress

From: Dmitry Borodaenko
Subject: Samizdat 0.5.0 Progress
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 13:11:31 +0200
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Samizdat is slowly getting ready for beta release:

- mass-message stress test added to address scalability testing problem;
  results of scalability testing are positive: although message
  publishing is relatively slow, the performance does not noticably
  regress when database contains tens of thousands of messages

- test deployment of Samizdat engine is available at

- non-functional Pingback client is implemented, but it is not working
  due to what appears to be a bug in Ruby regular expressions library:

- a bug in CSS rendering of focus table is found under MSIE, suggestions
  on how it can be worked around are welcome

As soon as the CSS table bug is resolved, Samizdat 0.5.0 RC2 will be
announced. If the bug that holds Pingback client implementation will not
be resolved in due time, Samizdat 0.5.0 will be released without
Pingback feature: as important as it is, this feature should not further
delay the release which is otherwise ready.

Dmitry Borodaenko

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