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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Files Missing In Backup Resulting in Update Err

From: Dominic Raferd
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Files Missing In Backup Resulting in Update Error
Date: Wed, 14 May 2014 13:07:39 +0100
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Marijn, a similar situation was discussed here quite recently, see http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/rdiff-backup-users/2014-03/msg00012.html. The cause in this case, and probably in yours, is that the source data is changing while the backup is proceeding. I note that in your case some of the source files that are missing in backup have not changed, but maybe their metadata changed? What filesystem are they on?

If you really need to backup the missing files, using a static copy of the source (e.g. a snapshot) should solve the problem. If the missing files are unimportant, Chris Wilson suggested a way to stop these messages appearing.


On 06/05/2014 15:01, M. Verkerk wrote:
Dear all,

Thanks for this script! Really fills the gap between rsync and more advanced backup tools! I ran into some trouble I hope to find some help here!

I’m running rdiff-backup with the following cronjob script:


if [ -e /tmp/backup-XXX.lock ]
        echo "Previous backup still in progress! Bailing out!";
        exit 0;

echo "Setting lock file!";
touch /tmp/backup-XXX.lock

echo "Backing up etc!";
nice -n -3 rdiff-backup --print-statistics /etc YYY.domain.nl::/data/backup/XXX/rdiff-disk-backup/etc;
echo "Done!";

echo "Backing up home!";
nice -n -3 rdiff-backup --print-statistics /home YYY.domain.nl::/data/backup/XXX/rdiff-disk-backup/home;
echo "Done!”;

echo "Removing lock file!";
rm /tmp/backup-XXX.lock;

echo "Done!";

During the last backup I got several UpdateErrors with seemingly random backup files (just including three):

UpdateError 529841/top100000.txt Updated mirror temp file /data/backup/XXX/rdiff-disk-backup/home/529841/rdiff-backup.tmp.265 does not match source
UpdateError marijn/src/perl-5.16.1/x2p/s2p Updated mirror temp file /data/backup/XXX/rdiff-disk-backup/home/marijn/src/perl-5.16.1/x2p/rdiff-backup.tmp.4011 does not match source
UpdateError 529841/FVC/Meta_all/ecrhs_ALL1.txt Updated mirror temp file /data/backup/XXX/rdiff-disk-backup/home/529841/FVC/Meta_all/rdiff-backup.tmp.231 does not match source

The files mentioned here ARE existing on the backup source drive with no peculiar ownership or permissions. Somehow they are NOT on the backup folder - they should have been, some of the files are there and not changed since we start using rdiff-backup. I think the error message is indirectly related to the problem. Could this be a network failure - as you can see in the script we are using ssh?

More important: what can I do to trigger the rdiff-backup to reconsider en copy these omitted files?

Thanks very much in advanced!


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