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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] unable to restore files

From: Philippe Schelté
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] unable to restore files
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 2010 20:18:21 +0100
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Jakob Unterwurzacher a écrit , Le 06.01.2010 16:18:
Alex Samad schrieb:
On Mon, Jan 04, 2010 at 05:14:57PM +0100, Philippe wrote:
If you just want the newest version of your files back you can simply
copy them from the backup directory using FTP or rsync or whatever.


Thanks for the reply Jakob,

the problem is that I have a whole system to restore so I need to keep the
ownership of the files.
rsync will keep permissions and uid/gid rsync -aHSz

The problem seems to be that the files all have the wrong owner because
the backup was not done as root (so the files could not be chown'ed).
Now rdiff-backup has to be used for the restore to set the correct
owners again.

Philippe, have you tried regressing manually?

Hi Jakob,

in fact the regression faild because probably of a corrupt gzip file lying around, It was faster to reinstall all the stuff and pick up config files needed than trying to restore the backup for rdiff, sorry but I missed time to debug this part.

Best regards


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