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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v4 2/2] QOM: object_property_add() performance i

From: Pavel Fedin
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v4 2/2] QOM: object_property_add() performance improvement
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2015 09:45:22 +0300

> > Also, i thought that there could be
> > some hard to notice problems, when, for example, we first add
> > unnamed-gpio-in[0...1023], then add another 1024 pins, where count
> > again goes from 0 to 1023. And we would get collision and failure,
> > unless we know, that we already have 1024 objects with this name.
> But IIUC qdev_init_gpio_in/out (the non-named variants) should only be
> called once.  So if it breaks it's a feature.

 Ok ok ok...
 I can try to reengineer this and see what happens. If it works fine, will such 
rework be accepted? [*] expansion would still be slow, but we could deprecate 

 I have just done a search of "[*]" across all *.c files, and here is what i 
came up with:
1. memory_region_init()
2. xlnx_zynqmp_init()
3. qdev_init_gpio_in_named()
4. qdev_init_gpio_out_named()
5. qdev_connect_gpio_out_named()
6. spapr_dr_connector_new()

 Cases 2, 3, 4 can be reengineered for sure. The rest - i don't know, however 
perhaps they are not common cases. I think (1) could also be problematic. How 
many regions with the same name can we have?

Kind regards,
Pavel Fedin
Expert Engineer
Samsung Electronics Research center Russia

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