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Re: [Qemu-devel] Mounting a disk image under Linux

From: Jim C. Brown
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Mounting a disk image under Linux
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 19:48:35 -0400
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On Sat, Jun 19, 2004 at 09:00:30PM +0100, Gianni Tedesco wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-06-19 at 13:31 -0400, Jim C. Brown wrote:
> > lomount -t vfat -diskimage /opt/qemu/tempImage -partition 1 /mnt/tempImage
> > 
> > It works great but has a bug if you try to mount a partition which doesnt
> > exist.
> Sounds great. Perhaps it could be included with qemu, (at least in souce
> dist!)?

Sure. I have no problems with that.

> Do you want to post it on the list to fix it? Or have you just not had
> time?

I wrote it in under an hour, right before I went to bed. I've attached the
source code here but be warned: its very ugly. Very little error checking.
Expects fdisk to work right (which in turns means it assumes fdisk is being
passed a valid image with a valid parition table).

When I have some free time I'll try to clean it up. Right now it's full
of ugly hacks. (It was originally meant to be a shell script not a C program,
only my shell programming skills did not extend so far.)

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