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Re;re:[Pan-users] HeyPanfins, check my headers

From: Kurt Schilling
Subject: Re;re:[Pan-users] HeyPanfins, check my headers
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 10:07:09 -0400
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Steve Davies wrote:

2008/7/31 Kurt Schilling <address@hidden>:
> Walt wrote:
>> And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you may
>> want to check here instead:
> Well, how about that! Now the question if how do I determine just what I
> need to build a roll-yer-own install on a fresh Ubuntu HH 8.04 box. I've
> installed build-essentials, libprce and the glib libraries. But the
> configure fails. Here is the latest snippet of the dialog:
Have you installed the correspongind "-dev" packages for all of those libraries?


As best I can tell all of the dependencies (-dev) packages have been installed.

And then my cousin David Kelly (and how's that for a small world?) wrote:

You know for FreeBSD one only has to:

% cd /usr/ports/news/pan
% su
# make install
# make clean

The FreeBSD "ports" system will download, verify, patch, build, and
install pan and everything pan needs.

Yeah, that would most likely work just fine, IF I were running FreeBSD <BG>.

I could wait untill someone else creates a debpkg for Pan-0.133, but I thought that I'd have a go at rolling my own on my day off.

With warm regards,

Kurt Schilling

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