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Re: [Nmh-workers] specifying SMTP server in mts.conf broken by TLS certi

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] specifying SMTP server in mts.conf broken by TLS certificate changes
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2017 11:04:03 -0500

>The reason for earlier commits failing that I mentioned in the original
>message is down to to it now defaulting to port 587 instead of 25. The
>fact that this is only configurable with an option to -post instead of
>from mts.conf is a bit irritating: until now, I've been able to use an
>unchanged .mh_profile everywhere that I use nmh. Would it be problematic
>to support the port number in mts.conf?

Sigh.  I've thought about it on and off (also: your email provider
doesn't support the submission port?).  But it gets complicated, because
we have to decide how to parse that, assuming that you just want to add
something to the server hostname.  As I've learned recently you can't
use a colon as a separator because that's a valid character in an IPv6
address.  Okay, that's not a deal breaker, but it just means the obvious
answer doesn't work.  We could also do a new configuration entry, but
that's also one of those "not a deal breaker but more work than I want
to personally do".

And because of changes to email protocols over the past few decades,
you end up needing more and more knobs for SMTP (controlling TLS, SASL,
certificate validation, XOAUTH2 parameters, and who knows what else we
will have in the future).  I'm unsure how much of that stuff we want to
shove into mts.conf; I'd say none of it.  I mean, we've added a ton of
options for POP over the years and none of it has gone into mts.conf
either.  Maybe back when people had centrally managed login systems
and no one cared about security configuring everything in mts.conf
was reasonable, but it seems like those days are long gone.  Having
everyone do their own individual settings for mail in every MUA seems
to be the norm now.

So ... I guess I'd say if someone else wants to add a port number
configuration option to mts.conf, I wouldn't think it was the best idea
but I'd be okay with that.  Other opinions are welcome.  Whatever changes
people decide to do probably should go into mts/smtp/smtp.c:rclient().


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