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Re: [Nmh-workers] MH-W intro/help request

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] MH-W intro/help request
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2014 23:17:58 -0500

>Big request (the one I have only a poor workaround for):
>   I need a feature in the MIME support (or just help if I'm totally
>   confused).  I have for the life of me not been able to figure out
>   how to get "Content-IDs" listed.  We really need those to be able
>   to display inline images in email.  The "mhlist" program will list
>   the file names or if something is marked as "inline", but not the
>   content-id itself, which is how the HTML in the email identifies
>   which picture or other thing is inlined in the proper location.

I know David pointed you to -debug which will show the Content-ID (something
I didn't know) but to me that suggests we need a more generic mechanism,
as we are starting to have more programs that are interested in parsing the
mhlist output.  That says to me we should make that stuff available via

>   I have a fallback right now which just finds the Nth inlined
>   item and uses that, but that is a poor substitute and I have seen
>   it fail.  Ideally, it would be useful to have both "mhlist" support
>   listing Content-IDs and "mhstore" to be able to use them to identify
>   the part in question, but even if just "mhlist" listed them, I could
>   perform the extra step of listing, getting the "part", then using
>   that with "mhstore".

I'll keep that in mind in the "new MIME" architecture.  I didn't think
about selecting based on Content-ID, but it makes sense!

>Lesser request (but still good from a cleanliness perspective):
>   Right now, there is no way I have found to get which messages are
>   "unseen" (or some other mechanism) other than effectively listing
>   all the unseen messages in a folder.  The 2 methods I know of,
>   both using "pick" and using "mark" list them all.  If you have
>   a large email folder this is prohibitive.  So, either pick or
>   mark having the capability to use the sequences to "qualify"
>   an existing message list would be good.  My workaround right now
>   is that I at least use "mark -list -sequence <foo>" to get the
>   sequence, but yes then I have to parse the whole sequence list
>   to figure out where my current pick list resides.

Hm, it seems like "mark" using it's existing message arguments to generate
an intersection of the current sequence would do what you want.  E.g.,

% mark 7 8 21 -sequence unseen list

Would only return message numbers that were out of the list and also part
of unseen.  But that might be hard to implement in "mark".  Does this
not work for you?

% pick unseen <pick arguments>


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