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Re: [Nmh-workers] What are and what should be the qualifications for a c

From: Doug Wellington
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] What are and what should be the qualifications for a current nmh user
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2014 13:50:25 -0700
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> Well ... it would be hard. Right now all of the tools assume an RFC-2822
> (or close to it) file format.

At least it's not XML.  ;)  Interesting to think about whether it's
easier to modify inc, show, etc., or make a whole new calendar program
that works in a similar manner to nmh...

> Is Chandler dead? I admit I am not familiar with it. Hm, okay, yeah,
> I guess it is dead. That's a shame.

Yes, I think I'm one of the last.  The email list has been dead for a
few years.  I even contacted Mitch when the website went off the air,
but he's been completely disconnected from the project for a long time. 
Luckily, I had pulled out most of my task lists and put them in files in
my Dropbox directory, and Chandler does let you export iCalendar files,
so I don't think I really lost any information.  I just have to get used
to a different way of doing things.

> Someone might be able to put to-dos in nmh; I'm not seeing how it would
> work myself, but if someone else comes up with an idea I'd be open to it.

TBH, I'm actually looking to build a tool that combines at least four

1) Email
2) Calendar
3) To do list
4) Finances

I'm not necessarily looking for something that keeps track of my
checking account balance or investments.  (Although...)  I have most of
my payments automated, but there are a couple transactions that require
manual intervention and I would like a notification about it.  (This
could be considered as a subset of to do items.)  Chandler almost got
this right; after making a payment, I could flag an item as done and it
would disappear.  The "almost" part is that for whatever reason, if I
paid something early and checked it off the list, Chandler would always
pull it back in and show it to me on the date it was due.  First time
that happened, I had a brief moment of panic, thinking I hadn't made the

I think it would be nice to have a stack of items that I could display
with "show" regardless of whether they were email, calendar events or
tasks.  It would be cool if, at the top of the show output, I could see
things like "mom's birthday" or "call about insurance quote" or "check
to see if widgets are back in stock".  Of course, it's very easy to let
requirements get way out of hand way too quickly!


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