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[Nmh-workers] quoted printable. make it stop.

From: hymie
Subject: [Nmh-workers] quoted printable. make it stop.
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 11:35:30 -0400


I've just discovered that, since I upgraded from NMH 1.5 to NMH 1.6, all
of my outgoing emails are equipped with

Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

That means that any line that is longer than, I think, 72 characters
gets an equal sign at the end, and all of my actual equal signs are
encoded into =3D.

How do I make it not do that?

When I reinstall 1.5, the problem goes away, but when I go back to 1.6,
the problem returns.  So I'm pretty sure it's not a setting I changed.
I guess it's a new setting that I need?

--hymie!    http://lactose.homelinux.net/~hymie    address@hidden

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