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Re: [Nmh-workers] Setup help???

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Setup help???
Date: Thu, 02 May 2013 21:52:08 -0400

>My apologies!  It's version 1.3-1 (pretty ancient, I guess, but
>that's what's tied to my version of Ubuntu -- something else I
>need to update).

Okay, yeah, that explains a lot.  There are some other features in nmh
1.5 that you might be interested in as well (the web page has details on
the hilights).  The nmh home page is here:


Also, you _CAN_ always compile nmh on your own; we did try to make that
as easy as possible.  You shouldn't need to be a programmer to do it.
There really shouldn't be too much in terms of system dependencies as
long as your OS is relatively new (and by "relatively", I mean, "within
a decade").

>Yes, the version I'm using doesn't allow me to configure the
>"Sender:" field, which was the first thing I try.  NMH gives me
>the following error message:
>     whom: illegal header line -- Sender:
>I wasn't aware that it was NMH that adds in the Sender: field.
>I thought it was sendmail.

AFAIK, sendmail will never add a Sender: field.  MH (and as a
consequence, nmh) had a very strong idea that your host's FQDN and local
user account matched your email address; if it saw a mismatch between
that and your supplied From: header, it would add a Sender: field.
That's finally been corrected as of 1.5.  Now you can add a Sender: if
you wish, but otherwise nmh will treat what you put in your draft
as gospel.

>In fact, my "fix" (as I mentioned in
>the other followup on this thread, and after a lot of googling)
>was to reconfigure sendmail to remap my local (illegal) address
>to "address@hidden" instead.

It looks like from your other message that you're using spost.  While
there are a lot of strong opinions on how you should configure nmh for
sending email (see the mailing list archives), I will point out that you
don't even need to use sendmail at all; you can configure nmh to have
post simply submit outgoing mail to the gmail SMTP server.  That would
make it behave like every other mail program on the planet.  Doing
that would also require 1.5, though (and you'd need to compile nmh
with Cyrus-SASL and TLS support).


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