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[Nmh-workers] Setup help???

From: Bob Carragher
Subject: [Nmh-workers] Setup help???
Date: Wed, 1 May 2013 20:00:13 -0700

Can someone please point me to resources or provide a simple How-To
for configuring NMH (and related systems, like sendmail)?  My setup:

*  Laptop running (Ubuntu 10.04) Linux.
*  My "public" address is "address@hidden"
   --  I want all my email to appear to come from this address.  I have
       set "From:" and "Reply-To:" fields in my "components" and other
       configuration files.  However, I have problems with the generated
       "Sender:" field (see below).
   --  I use fetchmail to POP email from this address.  (I mention this
       only in case it changes the setup.)
*  I send mail when connected to my ISP, but fetch/POP mail whenever
   I'm connected to the Internet.  It would be nice to be able to use NMH
   to send mail whenever I'm connected to the Internet, but I will settle
   for continuing to use the Google web interface for that.
*  I added to /etc/hosts a FQDN that I don't normally send email
   to ("mit.edu") because some mailers reject email that comes
   from "address@hidden" or "address@hidden"  I didn't
   add "<ISP>" because then any email I send to "foo@<ISP>"
   appears to be for a "local user;" also "<laptop-userID>@<ISP>"
   is taken.

This has generally worked, although (because I use sendmail) this adds
the line

     Sender: <laptop-userID>@<ISP>

to all my message headers.  In the last few years, more and more mail
providers are keying off this as an indication of spam, and in recent
weeks my email doesn't even reach some recipients at all (not even
deposited in their "spam" folder).

This *should* be a relatively common use case amongst NMH users,
so I have to believe that the setup for it should be straightforward.

I am the only user of this laptop, so if it is necessary to hard-code
the sender's ID and/or hostname, then I would be willing to do that.

Can anyone help, or point to help?

Thank you!


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