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Re: [Nmh-workers] refile and moving sequences with messages

From: Kevin Layer
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] refile and moving sequences with messages
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 11:45:39 -0700

Btw, thanks to everyone that chimed in.  This will make life much
better.  It's the last piece of the puzzle for me to move to a more
efficient workflow using nmh + MH-E + some homegrown stuff.

Basically, I have a mailfilter front end that calls `inc' and filters
mail into different inboxes based on rules.  I just finished adding
"move conversation" support into this filter, so new messages go to
the appropriate inbox (inbox-foo if that's where I moved the

I've also have a hack on top of MH-E so that I can mark messages as
"important", by putting them into the `important' sequence, and in
Emacs I highlight them in yellow.  It's crucial that the
important sequence be preserved across refiles, as you can imagine.

My main entry point into reading email is no longer my +inbox, but an
Emacs buffer that shows something like this:

+inbox            1 new                 171 old  
+inbox-gmail                34 unread    35 old  
+inbox-spam                223 unread   227 old  
+inbox-junk                144 unread   144 old  

; *********** TODO inboxes ********************
+inbox-q                                 35 old  
+inbox-fin                               41 old  
+inbox-todo                              37 old  
+inbox-sa                                47 old  
+inbox-pbx                               11 old  
+inbox-adrian                             2 old  
+inbox-someday                           77 old  
+inbox-pend                               1 old  

; *********** Hobby inboxes********************
+inbox-music                             26 old  
+inbox-photo                             26 old  
+inbox-fun                               21 old  
+inbox-travel                             1 old  

; *********** Mailing list inboxes ************
+inbox-emacs               292 unread   301 old  
+inbox-git                 176 unread   176 old  
+inbox-blink                10 unread    10 old  
+inbox-cygwin              102 unread   129 old  
+inbox-mh                                 2 old  
+inbox-nmh                                3 old  
+inbox-ps                    1 unread     1 old  

When I sat in +inbox all day, I would ignore things I needed to do.
Now, I see those things better.

Anyway, thanks again.


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