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[Nmh-workers] More configuration stuff (acconfig.h)

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: [Nmh-workers] More configuration stuff (acconfig.h)
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2012 14:14:25 -0500

Alright, in preparation for finally cleaning up our suboptimal autoconf
mess, I am tackling acconfig.h (a template which users can edit to
change defaults).  My feeling is all of that should either be controlled
by autoconf or we take a decision on whether or not to keep or remove
that code.  Here is the list:

LOCKDIR         - A directory to place lock files in if you're using
                  DOT_LOCKING.  I've never been happy with nmh's use of
                  dot locking, but do people actually use this?  It's
                  easy enough to add the support for this to autoconf.

DBMPWD          - The comment says "Define this if your passwords are
                  stored in some type of distributed name service, such as
                  NIS, or NIS+."  This only affects aliasbr.c ... and I
                  guess what it does is controls whether or not names
                  are cached from calls to getpwnam().  This has been
                  turned on forever, I propose just removing the #ifdefs
                  and making that code the default.

DUMB            - Strangely, turning ON DUMB means you get an RFC 822
                  parser.  If DUMB is NOT defined, you get MMDF and UUCP
                  parsing as well.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say
                  we can safely remove MMDF & UUCP address parsing :-)
                  Oh, on that note there's some code #ifdef'd as BANG
                  which uses UUCP mailing syntax.  I'm just going to go
                  ahead and remove that because I am 100% sure no one
                  needs it.

REALLYDUMB      - What this does is prevent adrsprintf() from appending a
                  local hostname if a username doesn't have one.  You know,
                  I really think this should be a run-time option instead.
                  Anyone care if I make it so it is?  (The default can
                  be off to match current behavior).

                - Meh, at this point I'd say garbage collect this code,
                  but I have no strong feelings.  Either we should keep it
                  and remove the #ifdefs, or get rid of it entirely.

RPATHS          - Construct Return-Path headers from "From " lines.
                  I say keep it, since it's been around forever (a fair
                  amount of code, actually).

SLOCAL_MBOX     - If defined, use mbox format with slocal when saving to
                  your mail spool, otherwise, use MMDF.  I say keep it
                  and ditch MMDF support.

MHRC            - Handle the ~ for filenames; this is a keeper, right?

BUILTIN_FTP     - This was the only code I didn't add IPv6 code to.  It's
                  turned on right now, but I have to question how useful it
                  is (it's built-in ftp support for mhn).  I haven't seen
                  MIME messages with external-body parts in forever, and
                  even if we did get any I think this work should be forked
                  off to an external ftp program or something like curl.
                  Thoughts?  Actually, I wonder how many MUAs support
                  MIME external-body anyway (okay, a quick Google shows
                  that it's non-zero, but I suspect that a lot of it is
                  done via http rather than ftp anyway).

POPSERVICE      - Easy enough to autoconf it, but it's command-line selectable
                  anyway.  Maybe simply hardcode the default?

DEFAULT_FOLDER_MODE     - Leave these two as hardcoded defaults?

LINK            - The same?

ATTVIBUG        - Is this an issue anymore?


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