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[Nmh-workers] Git redux

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: [Nmh-workers] Git redux
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2010 21:41:19 -0500

(I'm going to take Peter's suggestion and just focus on Git right now,
since that's orthogonal to the issue of nmh2).

I have not heard any objections to the use of Git with nmh; right
now based on the feedback we have, I believe the clear consensus
is to move to Git.  If you have objections to this move, now would
be the time to speak up.  I can't promise we'll do what you want,
but I for one will at least listen to your reasons.

For those of you not in the USA, this week is has one of our major
holidays on Thursday.  Depending on how things goes with my in-laws,
that will either mean I won't have time to do it, or I'll have
plenty of time to do it :-)  What I'm saying here is, I'm willing
to do the conversion, but I can't promise I'll do it soonish.  If
someone else wants to take this on, then I'll gladly step aside.

>From the web pages David pointed out, it looks relatively straightforward.
I can't claim to have a lot of git-fu, but I think I should be able to
handle that.


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