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Re: [Nmh-workers] Git redux

From: Paul Fox
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Git redux
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2010 22:40:10 -0500

ken wrote:
 > From the web pages David pointed out, it looks relatively straightforward.
 > I can't claim to have a lot of git-fu, but I think I should be able to
 > handle that.

i missed the links you're referring to, but i can vouch for a tool
called "cvs2git" (http://cvs2svn.tigris.org), which i used to quickly
convert a pretty large CVS repository to git a while ago.  it
literally took me about an hour from start to finish (and i don't have
much git-fu either).  it converted branches, tags, logs, etc.  i didn't
put the result into production because the other developers on the project
weren't git-savvy, but i dearly wanted to.  note that it needs a local
copy of the full CVS repo, and not just a checked out copy and/or
remote access to the repo.

i'm afraid i don't have much time to help with mh code these days, but
i'm certainly rooting from the sidelines for any and all of you that
do have time, and ideas.  if anyone's keeping track, i vote for "git",
"no c++ or perl, shell okay where appropriate", and "limited breakage
of backward compatibility okay where it makes sense".

 paul fox, address@hidden (arlington, ma, where it's 30.9 degrees)

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