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[Nmh-workers] [patch] small fix for configure.in

From: markus schnalke
Subject: [Nmh-workers] [patch] small fix for configure.in
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:59:18 +0100
User-agent: nmh 1.3


the attached patch fixes the expansion of the mandir variable. This
fixes the display of the configuration at the end of the configure

As far as I see, the actual build had not been influenced by this.

I don't know autoconf much, so I don't know if there exists a better
solution which removes all these evals.

diff -r 7e963436013a configure.in
--- a/configure.in      Fri Nov 05 10:56:54 2010 -0300
+++ b/configure.in      Wed Nov 10 14:50:18 2010 -0300
@@ -1058,10 +1058,12 @@
 dnl Umm, what's the point of these assignments??  -- <address@hidden>
+dnl They ensure that included variables are expanded.
+dnl This is at least important for the following listing. //meillo
 eval "nmhbin=${bindir}";         eval "nmhbin2=${nmhbin}"
 eval "nmhsysconf=${sysconfdir}"; eval "nmhsysconf2=${nmhsysconf}"
 eval "nmhlib=${libdir}";         eval "nmhlib2=${nmhlib}"
-eval "nmhman=${mandir}"
+eval "nmhman=${mandir}";         eval "nmhman2=${nmhman}"
 if test x"$enable_pop" = x"yes"; then
@@ -1091,7 +1093,7 @@
 binary install path        : ${nmhbin2}
 libary install path        : ${nmhlib2}
 config files install path  : ${nmhsysconf2}
-man page install path      : ${nmhman}
+man page install path      : ${nmhman2}
 backup prefix              : ${backup_prefix}
 transport system           : ${MTS}
 file locking type          : ${LOCKTYPE}

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