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Re: [Nmh-workers] using maildir as mh mailstore

From: Paul Fox
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] using maildir as mh mailstore
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 23:57:01 -0500

jerrad wrote:
 > Why?
 > What difference does it make if MH's mail store format is "non-standard"?

better synergy, i suppose.  it might open possibilities for sharing
the mailstore with other mailers.  frankly, i'm not sure what might
be gained.  but the more time i spend thinking about it, the more
i think it's not possible, so it's fairly moot, i guess.

 > If you ever need to export things there's packf (although some scripting
 > may be necessary to handle nested folders) to get an mbox.

with the text corruption that that implies.

 > You wouldn't just be sacrificing "esoteric features" of MH, but also much
 > of ability to easily work with messages via standard tools, and the ability
 > to intuit things about a message based upon its number.

i'm not sure why standard tools couldn't continue to work as well
as they do now.  but i agree that the numbering is certainly
something that would need to be preserved.

thanks for the pointers in your followup mail.  they've helped
convince me that i'm not alone in thinking it's not a productive avenue.


 > OTOH, a FUSE layer that did maildir to MH translation would be an easy way
 > of getting IMAP support via the aforementioned Offline IMAP, and a layer
 > going the other way to make MH look like maildir oughn't be too difficult.
 > Maildir's all about integrity, and pulling all of that into nmh would be
 > non-trivial. Or do you mean perhaps something that can read Maildir,
 > but doesn't adhere to the specs? I'm still unclear as to what is gained.
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