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[Nmh-workers] Google SoC, part deux

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: [Nmh-workers] Google SoC, part deux
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 18:32:26 -0500

So, I heard back from the NetBSD Board.  In a nutshell: they turned me down.

The reason they gave was that there are a limited number of slots available
as part of the SoC, and if nmh got one of those slots assigned to NetBSD,
that would take away from a SoC project that benefited NetBSD ... and since
the NetBSD Project is intended to advance NetBSD ... well, it's not something
they would want to dedicate resources toward.  And I guess I can't argue
with their reasoning.

So, unless there is an "umbrella" organization we could get under ...
and from looking at the 2009 list, I don't see any likely candidates,
I think we have only one option available to us: go it ourselves.

Now, I've thought about this, and ... I may regret this, but I'm willing
to be the point man for the Google SoC effort.  But I can't do it alone;
I'll need a backup, and mentors for individual projects (assuming we
get accepted).

Let's talk about the money: last year the mentoring organization received
$500 USD.  What I would suggest is that it be split equally between all
of the people involved in the administration of the SoC effort.  Sounds
fair?  There has to be one person who receives the money (and has to
fill out the tax paperwork); I'm willing to do that, and I guess everyone
involved will just have to trust me that I'll give you the money at
the end.

Now, if someone _else_ wants to be the point man ... hey, now's your time
to speak up.  I'll gladly turn over the reins to someone else if they
want it.


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