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Re: [Nmh-workers] multiple folders to rcvstore

From: Jon Steinhart
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] multiple folders to rcvstore
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 20:48:50 -0800

> I'll have to think about whether there is some way we could properly clean
> up, unless people are comfortable with the refile "guarantees." ...

It's nice to see so much interest in nmh all of a sudden.  While all of this
is interesting, I'd like to propose putting it off until a post 1.2 release.
The reason for this is that nmh currently does a pretty bad job at handling
certain types of error, as noted above.  It would be nice to have a system
that didn't require a geek's knowledge to manually muck around to recover
from an error.  I think that fixing this should be part of the code base
rewrite that will hopefully happen post 1.2.  In the meantime, I'd rather
concentrate on fixing critical things so that we can get the release out.

I don't want to discourage your interest, and am certainly interested in a
discussion of how we might fix error handling in general.


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