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Re: [Nmh-workers] mairix?

From: Bill Wohler
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] mairix?
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 18:45:20 -0700

Do either of you use Emacs? I'll plug MH-E here.

Sam Holden <address@hidden> wrote:

> Paul Fox writes:
> > 
> >has anyone tried mairix, for indexing their mh folders?
> >    http://www.rrbcurnow.freeuk.com/mairix/

MH-E handles it. And namazu, swish-e and swish++ (which I use). MH-E
creates a folder for the matches--no matter the indexer--separated by
the source folder. Oh yeah, it falls back on pick and grep if necessary.

> The only hitch is that it uses very large message numbers. Currently
> my 'vfolder' folder gives a scan listing like:
> ; scanvf
>   700      05/Feb <censored>
>  2228    M 02/Jul <censored>
>  2246    M 05/Jul <censored>
> 79223 C  M 13/May <censored>
> ?4665    M 14/Oct <censored>
> ?2485    M 22/Aug <censored>
> ?6905    M 11/Aug <censored>
> ?7051    M 23/Feb <censored>
> ?8548    MR13/Oct <censored>
> ?8549    M 13/Oct <censored>
> ?8644    M 13/Oct <censored>
> ?8646    M 13/Oct <censored>
> ?8647    M 14/Oct <censored>

MH-E's scan listing dynamically changes the scan format depending on the
width of the largest message number so you don't have those pesky
question marks.


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