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Re: [Nmh-workers] mairix?

From: Sam Holden
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] mairix?
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 23:19:03 +1000

Paul Fox writes:
>has anyone tried mairix, for indexing their mh folders?
>    http://www.rrbcurnow.freeuk.com/mairix/

I use it. I index via a cronjob early each morning.

>it's a full-text indexer, and search results are presented by
>synthesizing a virtual "results" folder using symlinks.  i really
>like this idea, because it means that results folder will be useable
>with pick, for instance, and any other mh tool.  i'm definitely going
>to try it...

The only hitch is that it uses very large message numbers. Currently
my 'vfolder' folder gives a scan listing like:

; scanvf
  700      05/Feb <censored>
 2228    M 02/Jul <censored>
 2246    M 05/Jul <censored>
79223 C  M 13/May <censored>
?4665    M 14/Oct <censored>
?2485    M 22/Aug <censored>
?6905    M 11/Aug <censored>
?7051    M 23/Feb <censored>
?8548    MR13/Oct <censored>
?8549    M 13/Oct <censored>
?8644    M 13/Oct <censored>
?8646    M 13/Oct <censored>
?8647    M 14/Oct <censored>

Which is less than ideal, the actual files are:

; ls  ~/Mail/vfolder/
104665  146905  158548  158644  158647  2246  79223
122485  147051  158549  158646  2228    700

Some of my mail folders have lots of messages in them, hence I 
use a 5 digit message number display in scan output. But that's
not big enough for mairix it would seem...

I guess it needs a unique number for each message it has indexed,
and I have too many messages indexed :)

It's still very useful, much better than glimpse (which I
used before I discovered mairix) due to it populating an
mh folder.

The other annoying thing is that starting a command with the
letters "mai" means more typing than should be necessary when
using a tab-completion supporting shell. But that's easily
fixed via an alias (symlink, whatever).

Sam Holden

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