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[Nmh-workers] Holiday hacking project: nmh?

From: Jerry Peek
Subject: [Nmh-workers] Holiday hacking project: nmh?
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 04:28:57 -0600

I've used MH and nmh for 23 years now.  I use a lot of its
capabilities, things that other email programs don't do or don't
do well.  I'm sad to see how little momemtum the nmh project
has these days, and I'm wondering if I'll eventually have to
switch to another system that has more up-to-date capabilities.

I'm *not* complaining.  We're all volunteers.  I'd be glad to
help, but my C hacking days were too long ago. :-(  Still, I've
got an idea.

The holidays (Thanksgiving in the US, and religious holidays in
December) are coming up.  If you've been wondering what you'll
do over the holidays this year, how about joining an nmh hacking
project?  What if a group of us agreed to spend a good chunk of
time solving the outstanding problems... identified them and
divided them up... and kept the rest of the group informed of
the progress?  People seem to be willing to test patches, so
the hackers could code and others could test.

I don't know if this is feasible: I haven't managed or been
involved with many free software projects.  I'm afraid that
I'll also mostly be offline from November 18 to December 24. 
But I thought I'd toss this idea out as a discussion-starter.
I'd be glad to help organize.  Comments?  Different ideas?

Jerry Peek, address@hidden, http://www.jpeek.com/

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