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Re: [Mingw-cross-env-list] upgrade package gtk [PATCH]

From: Mark Brand
Subject: Re: [Mingw-cross-env-list] upgrade package gtk [PATCH]
Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 22:02:59 +0200
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This upgrade to gtk 2.90.0 builds fine and the test program works. Do we *want* 
to have this version in mingw-cross-env?
It probably wouldn't hurt, from the release announcement


it seems to be the start of the 3.0 series. Apparently, it will
co-exist with 2.x so we should probably call it gtk3 and maintain it


I only accepted the challenge of building 2.90.0 because it was offered by "make update". I am not particularly advocating switching to the gtk3 branch now.

Also, somehow I managed to neglect the test program in the patch. The supplemental patch attached here takes care of it.



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