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Re: [Lynx-dev] DISABLED form submit button

From: aw585
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] DISABLED form submit button
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 12:24:07 GMT

I don't know if I fouled up or the various configuration punctuation 
symbols tripped up the mailing list server or client or
it was censored (doubtful), but a big chunk of my original post 
was cut off this, so I'm trying to resend it.


> From: David Dorward <address@hidden>
> ....................................
> You could use a proxy server that rewrites the form to remove the disabled 
> attribute on
the way through. 
> -- 
> David Dorward

I've posted this in the past, but what works for me on plain
http pages (not https) is the following with the Privoxy
proxy server:

  in /etc/privoxy/user.action :
  { +filter{js-submits} }

  in /etc/privoxy/user.filter :
  FILTER: js-submits Get rid of particularly annoying JavaScript submits
  s|<a *href="javascript:.*".*OnClick.*submit.*>.*</a>|<input type="submit">|igU
  s|<a *href="javascript:.*".*OnClick.*reset.*>.*</a>|<input type="reset">|igU
  s|<A +HREF="javascript:.*ONCLICK=.*(https?://[^'",]*).*\)"|<A HREF="$1"|ig
  s|(<form[^>]*>)|$1 <input type="submit" name="submit" value="submit 


T.D. has probably grown tired of me harping on this,
but it should be pointed out that W3M and at least some members of
the 'links' family of browsers have a command (not necessarily
mapped to a key by default) to force submission of a html cgi
form whether there is a proper submit element or not.
The ability to submit html/cgi forms is too important to
leave up to the apparent bozos / poorly concieved
html authoring tools that seem to end up generating the forms.  :-)
(maybe this is why I might of been censored, speaking in anger
here, but it still riles me.)

Regards, Dallas E. Legan II / address@hidden / address@hidden
"Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li!"
        - "At the Mountains of Madness", H.P.

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