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[Lynx-dev] lynx2.8.7dev.5

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: [Lynx-dev] lynx2.8.7dev.5
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 19:17:23 -0400
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.13 (2006-08-11)

The current version of lynx is 2.8.6

It's available at
2.8.7 Development & patches:

2007-05-17 (2.8.7dev.5)
* build/install "en" po file so that GNU gettext LANGUAGE environment variable
  can find the corresponding English message file (request by Chuck Houpt) -TD
* add LYNX_HELPFILE environment variable to allow override of location of the
  help-file -Chuck Houpt
* make install-bin and install-lss makefile rules a little quieter (prompted
  by discussion by Chuck Houpt and TG) -TD
* fix an off-by-one in HText_canScrollDown() and total_pages in GridText.c -TH
* rewrite strcasecomp_asterisk() to support wildcards as in RFC 2818 (prompted
  by less-complete Debian patch for #401447, see also #268102) -TD
* improve X.509 certificate validation -TG
  This is tested for OpenSSL, ifdef'd to not break gnutls.  Changes:
  + peer certificate is cached, no need to call SSL_get_peer_certificate()
  + support foo.domain:port and [] and []:port and
    [i:p:v:6:ad:dr:es:s] and [i:p:v:6:ad:dr:es:s]:port
  + add support for checking X.509v3 SubjectAltName extensions (of type DNS -
    tested - and IP - untested) when the X.509 commonName check fails.
  + when displaying a list of failed CNs, change format from foo:bar:baz to
    CN<foo>:CN<bar>:CN<baz>:SAN<DNS=foo>:SAN<IP=> so that we know where
    what comes from (in "Your recent statusline messages")
  + if the peer certificate can *NOT* be verified, output a message to the log
    as well
  + fix a possible use of an uninitialised value ssl_all_cns
  + output certificate issuer to the logs as well (so that you can, before
    entering your online banking PIN, see if the certificate has been issued
    not only _to_ your bank but also _from_ a place you trust, in case
    /etc/ssl/certs/ contains a lot of Root CA certs)
* quiet a gcc warning regarding do_system() -TG
* if iconv_open() using transliteration fails, retry without the
  transliteration feature -TG
* change keymap for "CHANGE_KCODE" from CTRL-L to "J" -TG
* remove "local" section from lynx manpage -TG
* log SSL/TLS (HTTPS connection) X.509 certificate issuer information into the
  "recent statusline messages" (accessible via the backspace key) -TG
* modify po/makefile.inn to use DESTDIR -Thomas Klausner, TD
* add --with-destdir configure option to set a default value for the DESTDIR
  variable in makefiles, and modified makefiles to ensure that setting
  DESTDIR in the top-level makefile propagates to lower levels (prompted by
  NetBSD patch for port) -TD
* correct two places in HTML.c which compared element_number to HTML_H6
  twice rather also to HTML_H5 (report by address@hidden) -TD
* improve change for UCSetBoxChars() from 2.8.6dev.16 for
  EXP_CHARTRANS_AUTOSWITCH which assumed that the line-drawing character set
  was always different from the display character set.  If both are US_ASCII
  for example, ASCII lines would be drawn, which is not good -TD
* change exit's in configure script test-programs to return's to reduce
  problems with declaration of exit() -TD
* use "install-sh" rather than "" to reduce problems with Sun make
  program -TD
* add configure-check for ncurses functions _nc_freeall() and
  _nc_free_and_exit(), to help with memory-leak checking -TD
* change a few options such as --enable-locale-charset option to
  non-experimental -TD
* correct lynx.cfg parsing of SYSLOG_TEXT which is miscoded as a boolean -TD
* add --enable-local-docs option to link doc-directory from help-page
  (request by PW) -TD
* change default for MIME_LIBDIR from /usr/local/lib/mosaic to /etc -TD
* add --with-mime-libdir option to set MIME_LIBDIR in userdefs.h file -TD
* remove "lynxstuff" from help-page, it no longer exists (report by PW) -TD
* correct loop-limit in print_crawl_to_fd(), which broke
  "lynx -crawl -dump" from 2.8.6dev.9 changes (Mandriva #29785) -TD
* replace BROKEN_PROFTPD and BROKEN_WU_FTPD logic with configurable list of
  strings in lynx.cfg, i.e., BROKEN_FTP_RETR and BROKEN_FTP_EPSV, and add
  "spftp/" to the predefined values for the former.  Prompted by report by
  Fred Kasner for
  which has a broken RETR command -TD
* add -passive-ftp option -TD
* ifdef'd -ftp option in case ftp is disabled, for consistency -TD
* ifdef'd options menu so that if ftp is disabled, the corresponding options
  are not shown -TD
* improve pretty-src in a few places by passing-through whitespace as
  demonstrated by
  (report by Rado Smiljanic) -TD
* change user-messages in HTFWriter.c to info-messages, which are generally
  faster (prompted by patch by Rado Smiljanic) -TD
* fix pretty-src for "attribute without value" case (patch by Rado Smiljanic)
* correct tab "abbr", was "abbrev" (patch by Rado Smiljanic)
* modify ifdef's in HTTCP.c to allow building Cygwin configuration without
  NSL_FORK, broken in 2.8.5dev.5 (report by Holger Lange) -TD
* modify IsOurFile() to allow its parameter to be a symbolic link to one of
  the user's files (report by Rado Smiljanic) -TD
* check if there is piped-in data when starting without "-" or "-stdin"
  options, warn about the ignored input data in that case (prompted by report
  by Toralf Foerster) -TD
* use POSIX macros for decoding system() return value in UCAuto.c -TD
* use POSIX macros for decoding system() return value in LYEdit.c
  (adapted from an incomplete change in OpenBSD CVS) -TD
* modify CF_SRAND to recognize the asymmetric variant of arc4random() -TD
* updated configure script macros CF_SUBDIR_PATH, CF_XOPEN_SOURCE,
* updated config.guess, config.sub -TD

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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