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Re: [Lynx-dev] how to maximize client area???

From: purslow
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] how to maximize client area???
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 03:10:46 -0500
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050203 Chuck Martin wrote:
> I just thought others might be interested in what I had to say
> and may want to comment on it.

well, i was & did (smile).  thanx for your further grown-up thoughts,
which are a welcome contrast to some of the "Yah-Boo" kind.
you will be pleased to hear that you have persuaded me -- a rare event --
that adding an option to vary the left margin is a low priority or none.

> PRINTER:Save left-justified text:sh -c "sed -e 's/^ *//' %s > lj.txt":TRUE

i tested it & it works.  i've added it commented in case i ever want it.

>> i'ld love to know which Internet sites you & the others visit.
>> astronomy ?  archaelogy ?  Yahoo news ?  your local newspaper ?
> Most non-commercial sites, and many commercial sites work fine.
> Those that don't are usually very graphics intensive
> and I avoid them as much as possible.

a lot of this depends on one's daily activities.
i have multiple desktops (workspaces) via Blackbox on Gentoo Linux
& my machine is awake pretty much when i am,
so i start Firefox when it & i start the day -- it takes  c 5 sec  --
& start Lynx a bit later when i first want to e-mail a story or save it;
otherwise, Lynx is iconised & Firefox sits there while i swap desktops.
i read a lot of news & like to see the pictures,
esp of people in the news (i have a collection of Ukraine's new PM (grin));
i also read astronomy news & other things where diagrams & maps are useful.
yes, you can do this with Lynx, but it's much less quick & simple.

another vital use for Lynx, which i didn't mention before,
is to view HTML attachments in e-mails with Mutt.

> javascript is annoying
> and I'm seriously considering starting to complain about those that use it.

good luck: i don't have such time to spare.
it would help if Lynx could extract URLs & display them as links,
but someone has to write the code: many have promised, none has delivered.

>> have you heard about tabs ?  they make it possible to run down an index,
>> send off for the stories, then read them in the order you choose,
>> great eg for Linux Today: Lynx has no such device.
> As someone else mentioned, the screen program does that nicely
> and I use it for that quite often.

i really don't follow you here: how can you use Screen to sub for tabs ?

> Partly I use Lynx is because it makes much more efficient use of my time.
> Not only does it start up more quickly than any graphic browser
> except maybe Dillo, but pages load quicker

not on my machine (AMD Athlon XP 2500+ , 512 MB memory , 125 KB/s download ):
it's only slightly faster to start -- once/day -- than Firefox
& pages load about as quickly: Firefox is good at loading text first.
Galeon & Konqueror are also competitive.

> I should point out that the start-up time is very important to me
> because I don't spend my whole day browsing the web,
> and when I want to go to a web site quickly,
> I don't like having to wait for the browser to start up.

yes, that's understandable, esp if you're not using multiple desktops.

>> inevitably, they target the vast majority of users, who use GUI browsers.
>> they lay out their material carefully with colors, shapes, frames etc,
>> none of which comes thro' clearly in a purely text browser, however good.
> IMHO, those pages almost invariably look cluttered and ugly.

not how i see them -- everyone has different tastes -- :
i find it easier to run thro' a list of news stories
when the titles & links are displayed in a different color,
whereas Lynx tends to be cluttered with all the extraneous mess of text
which renders into indexes, pictures, yes ads too, in a GUI browser.

> CSS was invented to try to get people to separate form from content
> and get back to using HTML for the purpose for which it was designed.

i've never used CSS: isn't it yet another language to learn ?
a GUI browser seems to do all that for you.

anyway, there's no question Lynx continues to have vital uses,
which is why it's part of the 'system' package list on Gentoo.
i had a quick look at Links & Elinks & neither is as good:
one thing Lynx alone offers is numbered links.

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