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[Lynx-dev] Re: Lynx as primary browser

From: Thorsten Glaser
Subject: [Lynx-dev] Re: Lynx as primary browser
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 08:50:09 +0000 (UTC)

Walter Ian Kaye dixit:

> At 09:53p +0000 01/30/2005, Thorsten Glaser didst inscribe upon an electronic
> papyrus:

Uah, I like it but it's just too long.
I suggest to skip the date. Besides, AM/PM is as dead
as imperial units.

> Screw xhtml. <g>  I'm sticking with HTML, just like I stick with Lynx. :-)

Yes, but XHTML helps Lynx to display stuff too because
it's well-formed XML => all tags are closed => no guess game.

> On the wonderfully graphic Mac OS X, I set up Lynx as my default browser. :D


>> And it's the only browser I know which supports
>> * textfields-need-activation
> Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Je ne parle pa fran?ais. I assume you want to RTFM?

>> * partial displaying with a threshold of 1
> ?

Each TCP segment which comes in, delivering a handful
of HTML source to lynx, causes it to display another
partial line of the page you're viewing, or so.
Nice if you switch it on, if you ask me ;)

>> * a source view starting where in the rendered form
>>   of the page you're in right now
> Eh? Is that a special setting? My Lynx always goes to the top of the page.

Yesterday I noticed that it doesn't work correctly
in an 113x42 xterm, only in the 80x24 console. In
the larger xterm, it's offset (but flips back correctly
if I go to the (incorrect) position it set me when
switching to source).

> OmniWeb has something similar -- click a tiny box in a corner of the text 
> field
> and up pops an editor window.

Never heard of that one ;)

>> And not one of these features I miss does a
>> graphical browser give me.
> P...r...0...n. LOL

- Lynx spawns xloadimage when needed
- d save mplayer enter
- ASCII pr0n ;)


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