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[Lynx-dev] options pane quirks

From: Gisle Vanem
Subject: [Lynx-dev] options pane quirks
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 14:46:19 +0200

Why is that the option "Show images (!)" setting cannot be
saved to lynx.rc?

I tried "VERBOSE_IMAGES:FALSE", but it didn't have the
effect I thought it should. But this seems to work:

Not sure it will suppress all the annoying inliners my local newspaper
puts up on it's WAP portal. Luckily ALT have little (?) use in WAP.

Another quirk is that navigating/editing long lines in the pane is
tricky, e.g. pressing one left-key too many in the "User-agent header"
field throws me back in the page I came from ?!. Home/End works
as expected. So should arrow-keys IMHO. i.e. stop at the left edge of
an edit-field.

All this on ver 2.8.6dev.5 (MingW/S-Lang). The cool thing is that
I can scroll up/down with the mouse-wheel too (I found a S-Lang
patch that emulates the mouse-wheel with 4 key-up/down events).
And mouse-clicking on links works fine. Except the url should for
clarity be momentarily highlighted *before* entering the href.

Just my 0.2€.


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