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lynx-dev Window size (on XP) and color(on linux)

From: Dhiraj Gaurh
Subject: lynx-dev Window size (on XP) and color(on linux)
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 12:04:41 +0530

 I just started using lynx yesterday. I have the following questions :-
1. Is there a way to resize lynx(2.8.3rel1) window on a win XP machine. It is really small and I want it to be bigger ?
2. I have lynx 2.8.4 pre-installed on my Red Hat 7.2 Linux machine. I just used it yesterday.This never shows any color, though it allows me to make the window as big as I want. Is there some problem in the way this lynx was compiled ? Do I have to compile lynx on my linux machine myself ?

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