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Re: lynx-dev Window size (on XP) and color(on linux)

From: Dhiraj Gaurh
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Window size (on XP) and color(on linux)
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 16:57:45 +0530

I changed the Command prompt in windows and was able to change lynx size,
thanks.Read below ...
> > 2.  I have lynx 2.8.4 pre-installed on my Red Hat 7.2 Linux machine.  I
> > used it yesterday.This never shows any color, though it allows me to
make the
> > window as big as I want.  Is there some problem in the way this lynx was
> > compiled ?  Do I have to compile lynx on my linux machine myself ?
> > regards,
> That sounds like a problem setting the $TERM variable.  But what does
> options menu show?  (It should have a toggle setting for color, and since
> Redhat uses slang, it should "work" for color whether or not the $TERM
> specifies a color terminal).
lynx's option menu for color shows "always try", it did not show any ON
value when I tried to set it. It just showed three options, "Never, Off,
Always Try". I do not know what the $TERM value is but I will go home and
check it. I am using xterm which shows everything in color, I mean all file
names etc. when you do an ls, it shows greens and blues but lynx always
shows white.

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