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Re: lynx-dev LYNX: catch ^C's --> "are you sure?" (excellent!)

From: Pat Walsh
Subject: Re: lynx-dev LYNX: catch ^C's --> "are you sure?" (excellent!)
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 06:32:21 -0600
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* Henry Nelson <address@hidden> [Jul 31 10:51]:
> Curious.  Why are you (and the originator of this thread) using SIGQUIT
> ("hitting control-\") or SIGINT ("hitting control-c") so often that you
> mistakenly hit those.  Or is it that your Ctrl key and Shift key are
> very close and you're intending "C" or "_"?  If the latter is the
> case, then I would recommend that you compile Lynx to ignore ^C.
> (Or buy a different keyboard with Ctrl to the left of "a".  :)

I found myself quite often using ^C at several of the Lynx prompts
(GOTO, ECGOTO, ELGOTO) reflexively, probably because it's used to
cancel commands at the shell prompt.  I think it's force of habit, not
keyboard issues.  It was fortuitous that I found IGNORE_CTRL_C in
lynx_cfg.h; it would be a more accessible option to others if it were
a ./configure --enable-option.  There might be a couple other compile
time options from lynx_cfg.h likewise made available in the configure
script, OK_INSTALL comes to mind.

Patrick J. Walsh
pjwalsh xsmail com
Edmonton AB, Canada

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