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lynx-dev lynx2.8.5dev.16

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.5dev.16
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2003 21:33:54 -0400
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The current version of lynx is 2.8.4

It's available at
2.8.5 Development & patches:

2003-06-01 (2.8.5dev.16)
+ add zh_CN.po from
+ updated obsolete link for nntp in users's guide -TD
+ add F_FILE_TYPE to F_TEXTLIKE() macro, and use it consistently in a few more
  places, making editing in filename fields consistent with other text input
  fields -TD
+ add LYAdjHiTextPos() to modify the behavior of color-style code, so leading
  blanks are not highlighted (reported by Frederic L W Meunier) -TD
+ modify CacheThru_new() to accept "https:" URLs for source-caching (report
  by Chuck Martin) -TD
+ adapt some of the SH_EX ifdef'd features:
  + add -delay option, to make progress messages slow, along with corresponding
    code for lynx.cfg -TD
  + show build date/time for systems that do not use a configure script.
  + use LYK_CHG_CENTER keycode bound to ^Q to control whether table cells are
    centered.  The command-line -center option also controls this behavior.
+ add BIN_SUFFIX, TEXT_SUFFIX to userdefs.h -TD
+ modify BeginInternalPage(), adding a doctype to generated internal pages
  to allow validating them -TD
+ modify HTFWriter.c to use binary suffix for any file with an application
  presentation type, to better distinguish it from text and html.  Use text
  suffix for any "text/" file other than "text/html".  These changes cover the
  most common cases needed to make a link to view the temporary file useful in
  the download page -TD
+ modify LYdownload_options(), adding a link to view the temporary file if the
  downloaded file is text or html -TD
+ modify LYwouldPush(), omitting the download page from list of user-interface
  pages which should not be pushed onto the history stack when visiting another
  page, such as info or help.  Otherwise the downloaded file is discarded
  (report by BL) -TD
+ simplify set_vi_keys() and related functions using table-driven
  set_any_keys() and reset_any_keys() -TD
+ HTAnchor_findAddress now returns HTParentAnchor, avoid casting -LP
+ change select timeout in HTCheckForInterrupt() to zero, allowing immediate
  return rather than waiting (DJGPP otherwise blocks for 50msec).  For Unix
  platforms, the DontCheck() function limits the amount of polling which
  otherwise would be too much CPU usage -LP
+ modify configure check for gcc -Winline warning to work around defect in
  gcc 3.3 -TD
+ fix bug introduced recently in forms-submitting for TEXTAREA; the "%0d%0a"
  was put after each line rather than before, making the first and second lines
  joined (report by LV) -TD
+ reset the leading/trailing space counts in error-recovery logic added in
  2.8.5dev.15 for S_litteral case in SGML_character().  Otherwise a mismatch,
  e.g., due to a stray "<" or ">" in <script>...</script>, prevented a match
  on the </script> -TD
+ do not free adult_table[] atexit - it should be perfectly empty after
  free'ing all HText's.  (There is an error if it is not empty at exit) -LP
+ unnamed child anchors (`children_notag' list) now use HText memory pool.
  Links properly deleted when reparsing the document -LP
+ Use less memory for documents with many anchors:  most anchors are never
  visited, just stored for the reference.  So fill in adult_table[] with
  HTParentAnchor0 (36 bytes size) instead of full HTParentAnchor (~200 bytes). 
  HTParentAnchor now allocated on demand, nearly 1:1 to HText.  [more comments
  in HTAnchor.h, changes located in HTAnchor.c] -LP
+ HTParentAnchor0 stores its hash value, to avoid calling HASH_FUNCTION twice
  on the same anchor (Re:  HTAnchor_delete()) -LP
+ fix a potential out-of-bounds bug in HTBEquivalent() -LP
+ change strrchr() calls to strchr() in a few src/*.c file when parsing
  "#fragment" left-to-right -LP
+ modify HTFWriter_abort() to remove file on error -IZ
+ added hot.paste style which puts a right-arrow at the UR corner (which is
  currently unused).  Clicking on it initiates a GOTO to the current selection
  (same as PASTE_URL action).  The hot.paste style is disabled unless STYLES
  and CUT_AND_PASTE are both enabled.  Disabled and the user defines hot.paste
  in the ".lss" file -IZ
+ modify LYK_PASTE_URL case in LYMainLoop.c to allow pasting URLs of the form
  <address> and "<URL:address>" to lynx.  This is useful when it is not easy to
  choose address without the surrounding "<>" or "<URL:>" -IZ
+ make a minor memory saving (circa 15%) for table processing, improve yet
  another case of "ladder" (as in the top of google results), and fixes one
  case of "wrong indentation" (elements of a table which contained <center>
  were made too wide) -IZ
+ modify Stbl_trimFakeRows() to compensate for 2.8.5dev.15 changes to
  Stbl_addRowToTable() from 2.8.5dev.15 which caches shrinking cell arrays in a
  pool.  It did not take into account reallocation of the same data, e.g., in
  Stbl_reserveCellsInRow().  For example:
  (report by Patrick Ash) -IZ
+ add FORCE_COOKIE_PROMPT setting to lynx.cfg, allowing for manipulation in the
  options menu and (if LYNXRC_ENABLE is set) via the .lynxrc file.  This lets
  the user decide whether to ignore prompting for cookies with invalid syntax.
  If the prompts are ignored, a corresponding message is displayed -TD
+ add FORCE_SSL_PROMPT setting to lynx.cfg, allowing for manipulation in the
  options menu and (if LYNXRC_ENABLE is set) via the .lynxrc file.  This lets
  the user decide whether to ignore prompting for questionable aspects of
  an SSL connection.  If the prompts are ignored, a corresponding message is
  displayed -TD
+ change select() calls to use the expected 1+descriptor value documented for
  that function rather than FD_SETSIZE.  It is possible that some very old
  or unique platform would not work, but this is more efficient (discussion on
  lynx-dev) -TD
+ modify logic for S_litteral case in SGML_character() to recover from spaces
  between the '<', '>' and the corresponding end of the tag, e.g.,
        <style >
        < style >
        < style >
  match "<style>", and
        </style >
        < /style >
        < /style >
  match "</style>" (report by TH) -TD
+ correct a check in HText_trimHightext() for the last line of the display,
  which left unhighlighted the portion of a multi-line anchor which fell in
  that place (report by TH) -TD
+ correct an off-by-one in redraw_lines_of_link() which left the link on the
  last line on a page highlighted when moving the cursor up (reported by Morten
  Bo Johansen) -TD

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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