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Re: [lynx-dev] query re cookie file

From: wdstarr
Subject: Re: [lynx-dev] query re cookie file
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 10:59:42 -0400

Thomas Dickey <address@hidden> said:

>> (By the way, a query about the .lynx_cookies file -- if there are
>> multiple cookies in there for a single site, which one gets used?
>> The topmost one?)  [wdstarr]

> As I read the code, it will provide anything that matches the
> selection criteria.  The trace shows what actually happens.  (Aside
> from a few very recent comments, no one's reported that lynx stores
> duplicate cookies, so it might be nice to get more information to
> verify this).

My .lynx_cookies file doesn't contain any _duplicate_ cookies, i.e.,
cookies that are identical to each other, but it does contain many
instances of multiple cookies that seem to apply to the same site.

For example, if I grep for "", I get:      TRUE    /       FALSE   1271361600      B       
3qvsn38t74986&b=2      TRUE    /       FALSE   1271361600      U       
mt=mchCeJ2MhYsppd4m1baBKCfVsFi4PC.xHr0-&ux=lvnW.A&un=6hqisftoagn37      TRUE    /       FALSE   1271361600      Y       
v=1&n=6hqisftoagn37&l=m3ij0hhrzvx/o&p=m1p022m811000h00&r=7e&lg=us&intl=us      TRUE    /       FALSE   1271361600      T       
z=J3nW.AJ98W.Ayy2zAWTcGNQNjU1Bk41NzEyNTMzNQ--&a=QAE&sk=DAAllfE2idjeTZ&d=c2wBTVRJeUFUa3lNRFkxTWpRME1nLS0BYQFRQUUBdGlwAW1TVkFEQQF6egFKM25XLkFnV0E-    FALSE   /       FALSE   1271361600      YTV     
v=1&l=us_MA20483&zip=02134       FALSE   /       FALSE   1334187663      PRF     s=1

Ignoring the last two, that's four different cookies that apply to  (No, I don't know what any of them mean.)

Is Lynx supposed to be storing multiple cookies like that?  If
so, which one (or is it all of them?) is supposed to get sent to when it asks Lynx for my cookie(s)?

-- William December Starr <address@hidden>

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