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lynx-dev Erroneous statement in lynx.cfg

From: Mats
Subject: lynx-dev Erroneous statement in lynx.cfg
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 15:45:09 -0500


Below is an excerpt from the default lynx.cfg:

# VMS:
# ====
# XLOADIMAGE_COMMAND will be used as a default in src/HTInit.c
# for viewing image content types when the DECW$DISPLAY logical
# is set.  Make it the foreign command for your system's X image
# viewer (commonly, "xv").  It can be anything that will handle GIF,
# TIFF and other popular image formats.  Freeware ports of xv for
# VMS are available in the and
# subdirectories.  You
# must also have a "%s" for the filename.  The default is defined
# in userdefs.h and can be overridden here, or via the global or
# personal mailcap files (see below).
# Make this empty (but no commented out) if you don't have such a
# viewer or don't want to disable the built-in default viewer
# mappings for image types.

Note that it says "*don't want to disable* the built-in default viewer".
This is incorrect.  Making the variable empty DOES disable the built-in
viewer mappings.

Compare this to userdefs.h (which is correct):

 * Make this NULL if you don't have such a viewer or *don't want to
 * use* any default viewers for image types.  Note that open is used as
 * the default for NeXT, instead of the XLOADIMAGE_COMMAND definition.

I have looked at the source as well, to verify the behaviour.

Maybe this is a minor issue; I think that it's nice if the information
is correct though.

Mats Peterson

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