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Re: lynx-dev Re: bug? described on netbsd-help ml

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: bug? described on netbsd-help ml
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 15:34:59 -0400
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On Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 03:06:19PM -0400, Webmaster Jim wrote:
> [Following up to a thread from a few days back]
> I haven't seen the patch posted to this list yet, so in case it's
> needed, here's what the NetBSD package system has now:

yes, I've seen it (was told about this early last week), and will adapt it. 
Started looking at this earlier this week before the patch got into cvs,
actually, but decided to finish a patch for vile (since perl 5.8.0 broke it for
several people), then resume the lynx patch.
Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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