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Re: lynx-dev Re: bug? described on netbsd-help ml

From: Michael Warner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: bug? described on netbsd-help ml
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 13:03:32 -0700
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On or about 29 Aug, 2002, Thomas Dickey
<address@hidden> wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 08:00:57PM -0300, Fr?d?ric L. W.
> Meunier wrote:
> > On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, Thomas Dickey wrote:
> > 
> > > > I have one pet peeve with Lynx on NetBSD.... I often need
> > > > to hit CTRL+C to escape when a site times out, after
> > > > which I lose the cursor and can't see what I type.  Is
> > > > there another escape sequence
> > >
> > > I generally configure with nsl-fork, which lets me quit
> > > early by pressing 'z'.
> > 
> > This doesn't work on Cygwin, right ? I compiled with it but
> that may be - I'll have to test that, to see what it does.  (I
> seem to recall that the win32/pdcurses port doesn't do this
> reliably).

The problem is, for me, either rare or intermittent.  I believe
the point at which you try to interrupt may make a difference.  I
think interrupting the DNS look-up works pretty well, but I very
seldom lose patience that early, or my DNS is pretty quick, or

It's much more common to have the long delay at the
"connecting...", "waiting for...", etc stages, when "z" works
much less reliably, if at all.  For that matter, is it supposed
to?  I assumed it was, but that was without benefit of thought or
evidence :)

^C causes the display problems cited above, at which point I kill
the cygwin session and start over.  It happens so infrequently
that I just wrote it off to a probable cygwin bug and put up with

This is dev8 (but the problem has been around for a while)
compiled on a (fairly) recent cygwin, w/ nsl_fork and ncurses.

> > when something happens only ^C works, while on Linux I'm able
> > to use 'z'.

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