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lynx-dev lynx vs. links vs. elinks?

From: clemensF
Subject: lynx-dev lynx vs. links vs. elinks?
Date: 22 May 2002 17:17:45 +0200

just curious.  lynx can be trusted to cover the entire kuddelmuddel called
"world wide web".  it is well represented by Thomas Dickey.  links is now
what many hope for:  browsing in text-mode and also capable of
javascript and graphics, running native code for each platform, of which
are many.  elinks has no javascript, but lua and is very alive under
professional-class development.

Mikulas Patocka is for links, Petr "pasky" Baudis for elinks.  there are
other projects whose goal is "good surfing":

Dillo Web Browser :: Home Page, small, graphical

there's also netrik, text mode browser with ecma javascript

the three names associated with their respective projects form the
"personality" of (the development of) their products.  mikulas patocka
moreover belongs to Twibright Labs, pasky
claims to be^W^W^Wis of value to the development of IPv6 :)  he's doing a
great job, though, and never came back those who set out about who's
ghostwriting for pasky.  what a sad story ...  thomas dickey maintains lynx
and vile and xterm and ..., also doing a very good job.

my questions:

x.  do the people named in this document cooperate actively?
x.  will we see a cross ported version of the best of links <-> elinks?

i would love a textbrowser having SSL, javascript and lua and graphics,
100% compatible to all those sites i must browse to.

clemens fischer

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