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Re: lynx-dev Problems with lynx 2.8.4 (file upload etc.)

From: Frank Heckenbach
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Problems with lynx 2.8.4 (file upload etc.)
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 00:44:24 +0200

Thomas Dickey wrote:

> I fixed (at least partly) these in the 2.8.5 patches.  There's no selection
> dialog though.  But now files are encoded only if they need to be.

Actually what I meant is: I don't mind if the file is encoded, as
long as there's a way for the CGI to find out that it is (MIME
headers I guess). Is this also done in the patches?

> > 4.)
> > Table cells containing <br> tags cause a staircase effect, e.g:
> it depends on the type of table - some fit into TRST's model, some don't.

I looked at README.TRST, and AFAIUI such a table belongs to this
"grey area" which is rendered worse than without TRST, and the best
I can do (on the HTML side, as much as I generally dislike
"optimized for browser foo") right now is to prevent the use of TRST
to get back to the previous look. I could do this by putting a dummy
<tab> or nested table within the table, or is there any better way?


Frank Heckenbach, address@hidden
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