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Re: lynx-dev Problems with lynx 2.8.4 (file upload etc.)

From: Frank Heckenbach
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Problems with lynx 2.8.4 (file upload etc.)
Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 06:18:42 +0200

Thomas Dickey wrote:

> On Fri, May 17, 2002 at 12:44:24AM +0200, Frank Heckenbach wrote:
> > Thomas Dickey wrote:
> > 
> > > I fixed (at least partly) these in the 2.8.5 patches.  There's no 
> > > selection
> > > dialog though.  But now files are encoded only if they need to be.
> > 
> > Actually what I meant is: I don't mind if the file is encoded, as
> > long as there's a way for the CGI to find out that it is (MIME
> > headers I guess). Is this also done in the patches?
> no - my fixes were addressing a complaint that some sites did not accept
> the mime-encoded data, and comparing against netscape decided that was
> the issue.  Possibly as you suggest, the MIME headers are missing, but
> at least plain text can be uploaded (limited testing).

I think that's still the case in 2.8.5dev.7. I'm not sure which
kinds of files lynx encodes -- I had thought no files at all needed
to be encoded, provided a non-conflicting MIME boundary was chosen,
but I may be wrong. Anyway, there still don't seem to be any MIME
headers referring to the encoding, so uploading only works with
non-encoded files now.

It's not unlikely that some sites won't be able to deal with encoded
files at all -- in fact, my own CGIs don't since I didn't even think
of the possibility of encoding before and I hadn't encountered it so
far. I'll add it in my programs (as soon as lynx supports the MIME
headers so I can test it), but some other sites might not. So it
might in fact be better if lynx won't encode any files (unless there
are problems with non-text files that I'm not aware of).

> I was thinking of
> revisiting it to make a file-selection dialog, but have been very swamped
> with my day-job since February (so my to-do list only grows ;-).

That would be a nice feature, but (at least to me) not so imporant
as a working way to determine the encoding and correctly handle the
uploaded files ...


Frank Heckenbach, address@hidden
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