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Dear Lynx,

I am testing a site to bring it up to WAI-WCAG AAA standard. I am 
experiencing a
problem and am unsure whether it is a hosting or a browser issue.

I use Lynx 2.8.3rel.1 on Win95.

Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind -

What I did....

1) Enter the url (with or without a terminal /)
2) Select a link in the navigation menu to another page in the site, say
Contacts at the relative address of contacts.html .
3) Lynx's title bar displays the link as
4) Activate the link.
5) Returns an Error 404 (Page Not Found) message.

EASYNET is our host.

However, entering the site with a full page url of
does not produce any errors and all pages display exactly as they should.

I would prefer not to have to replace all the relative links with absolute
links, if possible.

If you are able to throw any light on this, I would be grateful. 
Equally I hope
this information is of use to you.


Peter Norrington
Web Designer, SRSB

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