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Re: lynx-dev Mailing from Lynx with Pine

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Mailing from Lynx with Pine
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 19:55:15 +0900 (JST)

> when a user asks, "Why doesn't
> Lynx do what Pine does for feature X?" the proper answer is to be able 
> to tell that user how to use Pine as Lynx's MUA.

Put something like the following in lynx.cfg, and then hit "." on a

     EXTERNAL:mailto:pine `echo %s | cut -c 8-100`:FALSE

I suspect writing a frontend wrapper to insert the Subject header and
whatnot, and executing it rather than pine directly might provide better
support of personal preferences (and maybe would allow a way to harvest
environment variables?).

Myself, I use mutt these days, but do so little web browsing that the
rare instance I hit upon a "mailto" link that I am actually going to use,
it's just as convenient to cut-n-paste the URL:  either go to the shell "!",
use another "screen", mail from a different account on another machine or
as often as not use web mail.

Just to throw more wood on the fire: would it make sense to chuck LYMail.h
and LYMail.c and then farm all mail out to an external MUA?

> I don't claim to be a Lynx expert; I just hack it occasionally.  :-)

For a "hacker" you sure do a whale of a job!

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