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lynx-dev Problems - Need help with LYNX Software

From: Smith, Tracie
Subject: lynx-dev Problems - Need help with LYNX Software
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 08:58:28 -0600

I am a new LYNX user.  The software was installed on my computer so I can
keep records of site photographs for our current construction project.  I
have set up the user information and am now ready to set up my first job
file.  I have approximately 80 digital images stored on my computer that
need to be transferred to LYNX so that I can then download them onto our
website and email them to other members of our division etc.  I have been
unsuccessful in creating a new job with the LYNX software however and I have
not bee successful in trying to copy my pictures with this software.  I do
not have an instruction manual and what I found in the help section was not
answering my questions.  Please email me step by step instructions for
setting up a new job and it files as well as downloading pictures from other
computer files and a card reader as well.
Thank You,
Tracie Smith
State of Missouri
Division of Design and Construction
WMMHC Project #M9824-01

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