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Re: lynx-dev https addresses, accessible flight schedules

From: Doug Kaufman
Subject: Re: lynx-dev https addresses, accessible flight schedules
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 18:39:31 -0800 (PST)

On Sat, 30 Mar 2002, Al Gilman wrote:

> At 11:24 PM 2002-03-29 , you wrote:
> >a version 2.8 binary for Windows. If he needs a Windows binary with
> >SSL, he may be better off with the native Windows build, since he
> >won't have to install Cygwin first. The 2.8.4rel.1 version compiled by
> >Thorsten Glaser with Borland C++ is available at:
> >"<>http://mitglied.lycos
> .de/mirabilos/pub/lynxw32.lzh"
> Thanks.  I was just quoting the latest place I could find where you pointed to
> an SSL enabled binary.

I got private email from Thorsten Glaser, who doesn't appear to be
subscribed to the list. He is looking for someone to mirror the
binary, since his site may not be reliable. I don't have room. If
anyone is interested, he can be contacted at "address@hidden".
Doug Kaufman
Internet: address@hidden

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