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lynx-dev Overriding mime types

From: Danny Ayers
Subject: lynx-dev Overriding mime types
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 10:21:02 +0100

I'm sure this will be in the docs somewhere, so apologies but I can't find
it, and googling hasn't helped : I was wondering if it was possible to
override the info in the mime header sent over http (not local). What I'm
after is really how to prevent the 'open/save' behaviour and actually get
something in the browser for SVG, which will come in as image/svg+xml - I
would guess text/html would be the best target. I'd also be interest in any
suggestions of handling xml in general - am I right in thinking CSS is on
its way, but not ready yet?

Many thanks.


Danny Ayers
<stuff> </stuff>

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